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4/23/2007 -- Infrared Scientist GREG MATIS appears with Cardiac Surgery Appliance maker RAY BERTOLERO.   SEGMENT 5 of 5

GREG MATIS is the Senior Scientist for Santa Barbara Infrared Inc. for the last 5 yrs working on Advanced Electro-Optical, Laser and Infrared Test Sets, Radiometry, and Dynamic Infrared Scene Projection.  Santa Barbara Infrared is a world leading supplier of standard and custom equipment for FLIR testing, IR detector testing, IR simulation, and IR/Visible/Laser boresight testing. http://www.sbir.com

RAY BERTOLERO is the Vice President of ESTECH Cardiac Surgery Specialists of San Ramon, California.  Estech makes dozens of products used daily by surgeons around the world.  Take a listen as he tells us about their EXCITING new BREAKTHRU CURES for Stage 3 heart failure and Atrial Fibrilation!!! http://www.estech.com/


Wayne B. Norris: And weíre back on the final segment of Business and Technology.  Iím your host, Wayne B. Norris, and weíre here with Ray Bertolero, vice president of Estech Cardiac Surgery Specialists.  Heís telling us about this brand new procedure that theyíve created that not very many people know about thatís saving lives right and left in heart failure cases.  So in the last few minutes, Ray, tell us all about it.  Everybody takes notes.  Iím sure everybody knows somebody with some heart condition.

Ray Bertolero:    Yeah and, like I say, the Ė one of the things is, and we look at millions Ė and I do mean millions Ė of patients, but we donít Ė you know, itís not something like high cholesterol, where every person in the country is a potential patient.  But there are millions of patients that do have heart attacks and then they go through this remodeling procedure.  And they start going from Stage 1 to Stage 2 to Stage 3 heart failure and, like I say, itís not really widely known that thereís an effective surgical procedure that just doesnít treat this.  It actually cures these patients.

Wayne B. Norris: Wow!

Ray Bertolero:    Yeah and thatís why itís something that weíre really working hard to get the word out.  But because our target market is a few million people Ė itís not 100 million people Ė so you just donít have that potential for mass advertising to get the word out.  So we do a lot of work through public relations.

We also have another product which effectively treats an arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation.  This is another one that family practitioners, cardiologists donít really know that thereís now a procedure thatís 90 percent effective in not just treating, but curing, atrial fibrillation. 

Wayne B. Norris: Wow.  Well, now thatís an electrical problem, isnít it?

Ray Bertolero:    Thatís an Ė yeah, an arrhythmia.  Itís a electrical impulse thatís erroneous that actually causes your heart to beat irregularly.  Thatís the atrium.

Wayne B. Norris: And thatís the SA node? 

Ray Bertolero:    No, thatís not the SA node.  Thatís on the right side.  But itís actually the left atrium, and you get these electrical impulses are generated Ė theyíre erroneous.  Theyíre actually generated usually from the pulmonary veins.  And so what happened is, they cause the atrium to fibrillate.  And what that does is, that can produce Ė itís actually Ė because itís Ė the heart isnít beating correctly, it can produce clots.  Itís one of the leading causes of stroke.

Wayne B. Norris: Oh!

Ray Bertolero:    Yeah and with these devices that weíve done, with radiofrequency devices that we have now that we can put into very small incisions or ports, we can actually put down a system of scars on the outside of the heart, and the electrical impulses canít penetrate the scar, so it actually cures the disease.

Wayne B. Norris: Thatís almost like radial keratotomy for your heart.

Ray Bertolero:    It certainly is.

Wayne B. Norris: Thatís crazy.

Ray Bertolero:    Itís a minimally invasive procedure that takes a couple of hours and, again, itís something that atrial fibrillation is quite serious and, again, new procedure.  Family practitioners, cardiologists donít know to recommend this, but itís something that, with the products that weíve developed, can be treated quite effectively.

Wayne B. Norris: Everybody out there, we have to go pretty quick here, but this was Ray Bertolero, vice president of Estech Cardiac Surgery.  Write that down.  This is your host, Wayne B. Norris, and weíll see you next week.

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