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FINAL SHOW!--SHOW 86: 04/28/2008 --The LAST EPISODE of the show as we review and wrap up after 86 shows.

Today is the LAST EPISODE of Business and Technology! As most of you know, I’ve done this show for a bit over 18 months in order to give a voice to the technology community in Santa Barbara and elsewhere. But recent increases in workload at my actual JOB have started requiring that I work on the weekends when I normally prepare for the show! So it’s got to be closed out.

Today, I want to wrap up what I think I’ve brought to the table and what I’ve personally learned from the approximately 100 guests I’ve had on the show. I’d also like to hear from Edee, who just joined us, but at a time when none of us could have predicted the sudden increase in demands on my time.

SHOW 85: 04/21/2008 --Science writer, JENNIFER OUELLETTE.

JENNIFER OUELLETTE is a science writer and the host of the weekly JOURNAL CLUB hosted at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB. As one of that most-unusual breed – folks who can talk science to the non-scientists – she has some amazing stories to tell.


Your host WAYNE NORRIS makes a guest appearance on Santa Barbara's Tech Talk with hosts Gary Woods and Baron Ron Herron's show on 1290 at 9 in the mornin'. Enjoy!

SHOW 84: 04/14/2008 --ED RING, founder and editor of green technologies online media center ECOWORLD.COM.

ED RING is the founder and editor of ECOWORLD, an internet publishing company featuring the web site www.EcoWorld.com, an information resource on nature and clean technology, with numerous sponsors and upwards of 10,000 visitors per day. I think of it as an online magazine coordinating environmental solutions for the planet, including energy, green practices, and organizational networking. Ed was a speaker at the recent UCSB Concept to Commercialization Emerging Energy Technologies Summit in February, which is where I met him.

SHOW 83: 04/07/2008 --Former Santa Barbara City College Public Information Officer, writer, and radio personality, JIM WILLIAMS.

(Wayne is on a jet to Denver, so this week your co-host Edee is doing the show solo.) Edee has a very interesting guest today. JIM WILLIAMS was the first full-time Public Information Officer for Santa Barbara City College, for 23 years, from 1969 to 1992. Jim’s an announcer on our very own KZSB, and was formerly with Voice of America, the U.S. Information Agency's international radio service, and spent two years in U.S. Army television.

Jim is the author of several audio books, including THE OLD WEST (Sunset Productions), TALL TALES OF THE OLD WEST (America Books), and the five-book collection, THE BEST OF WESTERNS (Topics/Entertainment). Jim’s westerns and detective stories have appeared in WESTERN HORSEMAN, SHOOT!, TEXAS LIVESTOCK WEEKLY, and AMERICAN WEST magazine, and his crime/detective stories have appeared in ORCHARD PRESS MYSTERIES. Jim also wrote two personal-experience stories for RADIO WORLD MAGAZINE in 2007: "Re-Creating Baseball Games on Radio in the 1950s," and "The Day The FCC Raided My Farewell Luau." He has three stories in the new anthology, AT HOME AND ABROAD: PRIZE-WINNING STORIES out of the 53 in the volume (Joyous Publishing). And, as if that were not enough, Jim also writes Goleta history features for the Goleta Valley Voice (owned by the SB News-Press).

SHOW 82: 03/31/2008 --Internationally recognized photojournalist and Prince of Cameroon's Western Province of Baleng, JACOB FOKO.

JACOB FOKO is a PRINCE of Baleng in the West Province in Cameroon, an internationally recognized photojournalist, and a student at Santa Barbara’s own Brooks Institute. Plus he’s brought some guests with him today!



SHOW 81: 03/24/2008 --Allianex President KEN ROTMAN and Marketing Manager BUDDY WINSTON.

Edee and I have two very interesting guests today. KENNETH ROTMAN is the President, and BUDDY WINSTON is the Director of Marketing for Allianex, a global technology integrator, specializing in best-in-class IT managed services and solutions for the SMB and consumer markets.

But these two guys have their own interesting stories to tell, as well!

KEN spent the formative years of his career practicing tax, commodities, and securities law. He was a market maker on the Chicago Board of Trade and served as President of Windsor Associates, a family of hedge funds with over $25OM under management. Ken co-founded Fionda, LLC, a master agent and distributor of telephony and other consumer services. By 2003, he stewarded Fionda to the #220 ranking on Inc. 500's list of fastest growing, privately-owned companies. The company had 600,000 customers in 5 countries, and a prestigious partner list including Herbalife International, Safeway, PETA, JP Morgan Chase, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, and Costco. Ken sold his interest in Fionda in 2004.

BUDDY has been involved in the media and entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. He has an extensive background in multimedia content creation, beginning with his work in television, where he was a writer on The Tonight Show for six years. As a marketing professional, Buddy has participated in the origination of major national advertising campaigns.

SHOW 80: 03/17/2008 --Control System Scientist, MAURICE HEEMELS.

DR. MAURICE HEEMELS is a Control Systems scientist and visiting professor at UCSB. He comes to us from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in the Netherlands.



SHOW 79: 03/10/2008 --Clinical kinesiologist, HESU WHITTEN.

Dr. HESU WHITTEN is a clinical kinesiologist--one of only a handful in the world!





SHOW 78: 03/03/2008 --Mexico aficionado STEVE BYRD.

I first met STEVE BYRD when we were roommates at UCSB in 1967 and 1968, living in a surf and party environment on Del Playa Drive, overlooking the ocean in Isla Vista. It was a lot like the movie Animal House, except that WE had an OCEAN. :)

Steve’s consuming interest these days is MEXICO and updating the on-the-street viewpoints of the average American with respect to Mexico, which he feels are way off base. He is fully business- and colloquially-fluent in Spanish, which he speaks every day in his work and social life. He’s traveled to 22 of the 31 states of Mexico and hopes to retire there.

Steve’s story is emblematic of many of us among the first wave of Baby Boomers. After graduation from UCSB, he spent several years on a geophysical survey of the ocean bottom in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. Upon returning to Santa Barbara [hardcore Santa Barbarans ALWAYS come back! ;)], he headed up Direct Relief International's medical relief program. Later, he was a land use planner for the County of Santa Barbara and then worked with Sprint during the heady days when they were laying digital fiber optic cable and slashing long distance rates. Alas, he also caught Sprint in a massive fraud and embezzlement scheme – in effect, keeping “two sets of books” – and spearheaded a 10-year-long Enron-style class action litigation against them.

During that time, he began teaching English as a Second Language with the Santa Barbara High School District. 96% of his students were recent adolescent students from Mexico, and he rates that as one of the most rewarding and meaningful times of his life. He’s also currently a volunteer Precinct Captain for the Barak Obama campaign.

Steve lives on an old classic wooden sailboat in the harbor and previously served on the Board of Harbor Commissioners.

SHOW 77: 02/25/2008 --YouNoodle.com co-founders BOB GOODSON and KIRILL MAKHARINSKY.

YouNoodle.com co-founders BOB GOODSON and KIRILL MAKHARINSKY are the guests for today! Bob, 27, and Kirill, 21, call their software a “start-up predictor.” They say YouNoodle might give an edge to venture capitalists and other investors trying to decide whether to sink money into an early-stage company.



SHOW 76: 02/18/2008 --JIM BUCKMASTER, CEO of Craigslist.

Edee and I have a PHENOMENAL guest today: Craigslist.com's CEO, JIM BUCKMASTER! "Possibly the only CEO ever described as anti-establishment, a communist, and a socialistic anarchist, since 2000, Jim has led Craigslist to be the most used classified ads in any medium, and one of world's most popular websites, while maintaining its public service mission, non-corporate vibe, and staff of 20 or so." (According to - who else - Craigslist, of course! :-))

Hmmm... an interesting cat, and THAT'S an understatement! This guy is a genuine game-changer--the Real Deal.

SHOW 75: 02/11/2008 --ALVARO ROJAS, owner of Alcazar Tapas Bar on the Mesa and Milk & Honey downtown.

Our guest today is ALVARO ROJAS, owner of Alcazar Tapas Bar on the Mesa and the newly-opened Milk & Honey at 30 W. Anapamu. He was quoted in the Independent saying that the reason Milk & Honey isn’t listed in the phone book is because it’s meant for locals. (Sounds reminiscent of Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard.)

SHOW 74: 02/04/2008 --JOHN BISHOP, author of The Santa Barbara Diet.

JOHN BISHOP is an old friend of mine. I met John at the Santa Barbara City College Marine Tech program in 1973, when we were both studying to be deep sea divers. John went on to have a long career with one of the world’s most premier diving companies, J. Ray McDermott, and worked all over the world. He’s also been a realtor, author, and many other things. He’s lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 1978 and frequently winters in Santa Barbara, CA. Today he’s talking about his groundbreaking book, The Santa Barbara Diet.

SHOW 73: 01/28/2008 --JEREMY ANTICOUNI, Chief Innovation Officer of Make It Work, Inc.

Edee and I have a FASCINATING guest today! JEREMY ANTICOUNI is the Chief Innovation Officer of Make It Work, Inc. These are the guys with the red mini Coopers who drive around to make house calls for sick or underperforming technology of all types, from computers to iPods. You’ve heard about them from Jeff Levy on KNX radio, and maybe seen their TV ads. Starting right here in Santa Barbara on State Street, they are now in at least FIVE counties, from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

SHOW 72: 01/21/2008 -- PAUL EKMAN, pioneer in the study of human facial micro-gestures.

I am proud to call PAUL EKMAN a friend. As a young Army psychologist many years ago, Paul became interested in the micro-gestures of the human face. These are the tiny muscle movements that produce smiles, frowns, and all the other faces people and animals make. For more than 30 years, Paul studied these gestures in controlled research in more than 20 different cultures throughout the world, for all practical purposes creating a new field of psychology in which hundreds of researchers now work. He’s authored close to 100 papers, numerous books, been interviewed on TV and the media all over the world, and been a consultant to industry and government. He’s writing a book with the Dalai Lama and is personally an icon of science. In fact, my intern, who studied Communication Studies at Westmont College, remembers being fascinated by Ekman's work!

SHOW 71: 01/14/2008 -- JOHN GREATHOUSE, UCSB Technology Management Program faculty member and C-level executive at mega-successful startups Computer Motion, Citrix Online, and CallWave.”

JOHN GREATHOUSE is a Lecturer at the UCSB Technology Management Program. John has held a number of senior executive positions with successful startups during the past fifteen years. At Computer Motion (RBOT), he was the CFO and VP of Business Development. At Citrix Online (CTXS - formerly Expertcity), he served as CFO and Senior Vice President of Strategic Development. At CallWave (CALL), he served as the Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development. In his capacities at Computer Motion and Citrix; Greathouse spearheaded transactions that generated more than $350 million of shareholder value, including Computer Motion's initial public offering and the sale of Expertcity to Citrix for over $230M. Greathouse is a CPA and holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Economics.

SHOW 70: 01/07/2008 -- DAN POYNTER, local EBOOK pioneer with Amazon and Sony.

DAN POYNTER is a local phenomenon. I originally met him through skydiving, when he and I were the only FAA licensed parachute riggers in Santa Barbara. He’s done a PBS TV special and is a frequent expert witness in court. Furthermore, he has become a self-publishing magnate, author, and world-touring speaker who travels SIX THOUSAND MILES A WEEK on the lecture circuit. WOW.

Dan is ALSO currently a consultant to SONY and AMAZON regarding the new phenomenon of EBOOKS. Now, as anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 10 years or so knows, EBOOKS are electronic books that replace our old standard paper books that have been around for something like 2,000 years. But while some breakthrough technologies, like transistor radios in 1958 or DVDs or iPods over the last 4 or 5 years, have taken off like wildfire, rapidly obsolescing earlier technologies or creating entirely new niches, EBOOKS have been slow to start. Thanks to Amazon, that may soon change, and Dan will be at the forefront of that change. Listen as Dan brings the rapidly advancing frontier of modern EBOOKS into the sharp focus only Dan can lend!

SHOW 69: 12/31/2007 -- RICHARD MOORE of the British Invasion Band The Troggs, who gave us Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

RICHARD MOORE is a Santa Barbara real estate broker, and that’s a significant achievement in anybody’s book. But for those of you into classic Rock, and any of you who are older than my children, you’ll remember him as one of the guitarists for The Troggs, the highly influential British rock band that began in 1966 and recorded the mega-hit Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing and numerous other classics. I am also proud to say that Richard is MY NEIGHBOR from 2 doors down the street. And… he still plays music with his local band, CRUISE CONTROL.

SHOW 68: 12/24/2007 -- ERNIE WECKBAUGH, aka "STINKY" from the LITTLE RASCALS

For those of you older than my children, you’ll remember ERNIE WECKBAUGH as STINKEY, from the Hal Roach Studios classic series Our Gang, also known as The Little Rascals. Ernie appeared in 20 of the shorts produced as a part of that series from 1937 to 1941.

As we all know, child acting prowess does not guarantee anything in later life, and Ernie became an adult phenomenon of his own. He has been the Owner and President of Casa Graphics, Inc. and Best-seller Books Publishing (since 1976), and is the creator of the annual IRWIN Awards, the acronym for the Industry Recognition of Writers in the News, now in its 13th year.

Ernie was an author, including being a columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News, and a graphic artist for over 50 years. He’s lectured on small business success, marketing and promotion at UCLA, USC, and Woodbury College, and was awarded an honorary degree from USC in 1997.

Ernie has authored a series of books — 90-Minute Guided Bible Tour, Book Blitz—Getting Your Book in the News (on book publicity), and The Spirit of David (Amazon.com). He’s produced several hundred books for self-publishers.

SHOW 67: 12/17/2007 -- RAYMOND IBRAHIM, Congressional Librarian, Red Force Analysis writer and author of The Al Qaeda Reader.

RAYMOND IBRAHIM is the author of The Al Qaeda Reader. It is a collection of texts previously only written in Arabic, and although widely read in that language, never before available in English. Ray discovered these documents while working at the Library of Congress, translated into English, and published them under the approach of what a military analyst would call “Red Force Analysis” – an attempt to see what the Bad Guys believe and think.

I just finished reading his book, and it is fascinating and disturbing. Raymond is an Arabic and Islamic historian working at the Library of Congress in the Near East Section of the African and Middle Eastern Division. He is widely published in major newspapers throughout the world, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, United Press International, Financial Times, National Review, and Washington Times in the US and numerous others in Europe, Asia, and South America.

SHOW 66: 12/10/2007 -- VICTORIA COLE, paralegal and owner of About Justice.

VICTORIA COLE is a paralegal and is the owner of About Justice on De La Vina Street. It is a woman-run, woman-owned business that she started herself. It is not a chain. She is a paralegal offering a low cost alternative to expensive legal fees.

Her company specializes in:

1. Divorce & Legal Separation
2. Custody & Visitation
3. Support
4. Debt Solutions
5. Living Trust
6. Wills & Living Wills
7. Power of Attorney
8. Probate
9. Name Change
10. Step-Parent Adoption
11. Restraining Orders
12. Paternity
13. Landlord / Tenant
14. Trademarks
15. Incorporation and
16. LLC Formation

SHOW 65: 12/3/2007 -- Web designer and independent film maker, CORTIS LOUKES.

Today's show has a fascinating guest. CORTIS LOUKES, along with his brother NICK LOUKES, are Web designers and independent film makers. Their studios are in the heart of Montecito on Coast Village Road. They have numerous screenplays and scripts to their credit, including Masquerade, The Mentor, Liz Estrada, The Mirror, All In, and Holy Rollers. Additionally they have created a short film called Coffee Shop Player. It's all way too much fun!


SHOW 64: 11/26/2007 -- DR. YANEER BAR-YAM, President of the New England Complex Systems Institute.

YANEER BAR-YAM is President of the New England Complex Systems Institute. He studies systems and organizations and develops new scientific methods to understand their behavior and how they fulfill social goals and objectives. His research is focused on dynamic patterns of behavior, characterizing effectiveness, formation through evolution, and how to improve the systems around us.

If that sounds too general, even for the most technologically minded, consider this: BAR-YAM was able to model, with a correlation of 0.998, where ethnic violence would and would not occur in the former Yugoslavia and India all while using only the sized of ethnic enclaves as model inputs!! (HEY – WHO LOVES YA, BABY?? WHO ELSE IN THE WHOLE FRIGGIN’ **WORLD** WOULD BRING YOU A GUEST LIKE DR. BAR-YAM FOR A FULL IN-DEPTH HOUR????Furthermore, he used Wavelet Transforms to do the prediction, which makes it sound like he’s REALLY onto something here. Access his paper--it will blow your mind away--through the Science Magazine website.

Yaneer is interested in the unified properties of complex systems as a systematic strategy for addressing scientific questions and social concerns. His research is focused both on formalizing complex systems concepts and relating them to everyday problems. In particular, he is interested in the relationship between observations at different scales, formal properties of descriptions of systems, the relationship of structure and function, the representation of information as a physical quantity, and quantitative properties of the complexity of real systems. Applications have been to social, biological and physical systems.

Yaneer is the author of Making Things Work and Dynamics of Complex Systems. He is chairman of the International Conference on Complex Systems and managing editor of InterJournal.

SHOW 63: 11/19/2007 -- MICHAEL VIDOR, Founder, Publisher and Editor-in Chief of Central Coast Magazine.

MICHAEL VIDOR is the Founder, Publisher and Editor-in Chief of Central Coast Magazine. MIKE’S professional experience spans 30 years. He started his career in automotive marketing in Michigan, but later decided he had a real passion for the media business in general. In the 1980’s, he worked in major market local, regional spot, and network radio for one of the national media conglomerates, Bonneville International. Later, he worked with advertising giant J. Walter Thompson on the Ford Motor Company account. Then, he was recruited to the Left Coast by New York Agency Backer-Spielvogel-Bates (Bates Worldwide). He served in LA as an integral team member for the most successful automotive launch ever, Hyundai Motor America. Then an opportunity to work at the former Chiat-Day-Mojo landed him in Venice.

In the 1990’s, Michael started his own marketing and communications business in Sausalito, California, The Hardy Literary Agency, focusing on intellectual property, with partner Anne Sheldon, a local literary agent. They achieved considerable fame for championing and procuring of literary and film rights to the novel Pay It Forward by best-selling author Catharine Ryan Hyde, later made into a major motion picture. A pre-production adaptation of the novel Electric God by the same author is in process.

Five years ago, Michael and partner Anne Sheldon-Vidor founded Central Coast Magazine, with Anne acting as Editorial Director. CCM has had enormous success in capturing and portraying the evolution and growth of the Central Coast Region from Monterey to Santa Barbara. CCM is a Regional Lifestyle Magazine and a member of the City & Regional Magazine Association (CRMA).

SHOW 62: 11/12/2007 -- MARK MELTON, President, and JOE ROBLEDO, Regional Director, of COVERALL MOUNTAIN & PACIFIC.

MARK MELTON has been a Director, President, and Treasurer of Coverall Mountain & Pacific since its inception in May 1997. Through its network of over 400 independent franchise owners Coverall Mountain & Pacific provides cleaning services to over 2,500 commercial customers. Coverall Mountain & Pacific began serving Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties in 1997. Since then, it has added three additional regions in California—the Central Valley from way up in Fresno all the way down thru Bakersfield, as well as Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay area. Recently, Coverall Mountain & Pacific added four new territories in the states of Utah, New Mexico, Idaho and Northern Nevada. Coverall Mountain & Pacific was twice ranked an Inc 500 company (2003 & 2004). Inc. Magazine profiled Mark Melton in an article titled 26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs. Mark is a Southern California native. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. A graduate of California State University in Fullerton with a B.A. in Business Administration & Psychology, Mark also has an MBA from Claremont Graduate University.

Mark moved to Santa Barbara in 1992 to start a Molly Maids franchise he owns to this day.

JOE ROBLEDO has served as a Regional Director of Coverall Mountain & Pacific from June 2006 to the present. Joe’s region leads Coverall Mountain & Pacific in number of customers, revenue, and contribution to the organization.

Coverall Mountain & Pacific has made an effort to reach out to the Hispanic community to offer entrepreneurship opportunities. The franchise owners in the Carpinteria region are primarily Hispanic—80%. One primary vehicle to reach potential franchise owners has been radio because of Joe’s experience in radio with Emerald Wave, Inc. He’s been successful on a number of radio shows gene-rating interest in owning a Coverall business. Since Joe has been Regional Director, he’s added twenty-two new franchise owners during his seventeen months with the company.

From February 2000 to August 2002, he was a baseball player for the Anaheim Angels organization in Little Rock, AK.

SHOW 61: 11/5/2007 -- CHRIS BLAIR, Fire Battalion Chief for the Santa Barbara City Fire Department, appears with YOLANDA McGLINCHEY, Emergency Services Manager, to talk about the recent fires.

CHRIS BLAIR is the Santa Barbara City Fire Department Battalion Chief and Yolanda McGlinchey the Emergency Services Manager. Chris and Yolanda have been two of the many men-and-women-of-the-hour during the horrific fires in Southern California lately.

Santa Barbara was in the thick of the recent fires. With the addition of the 12 Vandenberg Air Force Base firefighters that "shipped out" (on October 25th and 26th) to help with the Southern California fires, Santa Barbara County had a total of 137 firefighters from the combined fire agencies in our county assisting operations in the south. Firefighters from Guadalupe, Santa Maria City, Orcutt, Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, Santa Barbara City, Montecito, Carpinteria/ Summerland and Los Padres National Forest served on structure protection, engine company strike teams, and brush engine company strike teams, along with a few individuals serving in staffing fire command and management overhead positions.

SHOW 60: 10/29/2007 -- TONY MANCUSO, the IT Director at Mission Linen, and HENRY DUBROFF, Chairman and Editor of Pacific Coast Business Times.

TONY MANCUSO is the IT Director at Mission Linen. Mission Linen was founded right here in Santa Barbara by Ben Page, a Tennessee native, in 1930. A classic story about Mr. Page is that rather than wait for the steam ships to pull up to Stearns Wharf, he would row a boat out to the boats and pick up the laundry, thus winning the business.

The privately held company is one of the world’s largest in the textile rental industry, providing linens, uniforms and related products to customers in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. Mission Linen Supply has more than 50 locations and 2,700 locations.

They are also one of the most innovative companies I know of in terms of computer technology and innovation, going way back to the IBM 360 series computers and before!

They made a decision 6 plus years ago to deploy all applications via Citrix via thin clients. They have 500+ devices in the five states, about 90% of which are thin clients, with the remaining devices being laptops. This has enabled them to maintain control of a distributed environment very easily.

Tony’s been with Mission Linen for six years and was instrumental in the Company's initial SAP implementation and subsequent upgrade. The IT department supports more than 50 locations and 1,000 users in 5 western states. Mission is currently in the process of converting the billing application from a mainframe application to a windows based application. Tony’s a member of the UTSA IT Steering Committee and a Member of ASUG (America's SAP Users Group). He’s also a CPA and has a B.A. in Business Economics from UCSB.

HENRY DUBROFF is the Chairman and Editor of Pacific Coast Business Times, which he founded in October 1999. In March 2000, he also launched The Business Times, creating for the first time a weekly business journal serving Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties in California.

Henry was the business editor of The Denver Post from 1988 to 1995, where he was part of a management team that rescued the newspaper from near-bankruptcy. From 1995-1999 he was editor of The Denver Business Journal and was named one of the city’s 25 most influential people.

The Business Times has won two “Best in Business” awards for overall excellence from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. The Business Times was the 2006 winner of the Excellence in Service Award at the South Coast Business & Technology Awards. Henry was a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Los Angeles (2006), and he has twice chaired preliminary judging panels for the Gerald Loeb Awards in Financial Journalism at UCLA. In 2003, he was named Small Business Journalist of the Year for the Los Angeles District of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Henry has been a guest lecturer at the University of California Santa Barbara, California State University-Channel Islands and the University of Colorado at Denver. He was a visiting journalist in residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994.

In 2004, he chaired the Santa Barbara United Way campaign, raising a record $3 million. He serves on the board of Ventura County Economic Development Association and the UCSB Economic Forecast Project. He also serves on advisory boards at CSU-CI and California Lutheran University. He has moderated political debates in Santa Paula, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo and Goleta.

Henry received a baccalaureate from Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. and received a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York.

SHOW 59: 10/22/2007 -- Comedians GREG DEAN and GAYLA JOHNSON.

GREG DEAN is a funnyman who’s got the longest running stand-up comedy school in America – going since 1982! He he’s trained many American comedy stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Andy Garcia, and Elizabeth Payne of Ugly Betty fame. Greg was a professional comedian himself for over fifteen years, including gigs with Bill Hicks and Robin Williams, and has appeared on Saturday Night Live.

GAYLA JOHNSON is a funnywoman. She appears regularly on B.E.T.'s Comic View, at the LAFF Comedy Club in Albuquerque, NM, and at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA. Gayla’s also been featured at Jokers Comedy Club in Omaha, NE [Warren Buffett’s home town!], and she’s HEADLINED at the Center Pub and at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, CA, the Comedy Outpost in Victorville, CA, and Mr. B's Comedy Cabaret in Los Alamitos, CA. Gayla is also the Producer and Coordinator of GREG DEAN'S COMEDY WORKSHOP. Gayla studied Comedy under Greg’s Coaching for 8+ years.

Greg and Gayla are on their way from some gigs in the Bay Area and heading to the Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

SHOW 58: 10/15/2007 -- HARRY BROWN, local ophthalmologist and founder of Surgical Eye Expeditions.

HARRY BROWN is a local ophthalmologist and the founder of Surgical Eye Expeditions, one of the world’s most truly innovative medical charities. Started in 1974, the charity has flown eye surgeons and support staff all over the world to developing nations, typically with the surgeons themselves paying their own way. They have performed literally hundreds of thousands of sight-saving surgeries in more than fifty countries, and spend 97% of their funds actually saving peoples’ sight and less than 3% on overhead, making them one of the world’s most efficient charities. Typically, they leave their surgical implements behind, so that local surgeons can continue the work. SEE International was featured in Forbes Magazine in 1974. Harry was recently a guest on former Santa Barbara Mayor Harriet Miller’s show right here on KZSB, but my show talks about technology, so we’re approaching the subject in a different way today.

SHOW 57: 10/08/2007 -- GLORIA MONTANO and JOE SCIFERS co-founders of SCENE AND HEARD IN SANTA BARBARA Magazine.

GLORIA MONTANO and JOE SCIFERS are the publisher and editor-in-chief, respectively, of SCENE AND HEARD IN SANTA BARBARA Magazine. While both Gloria and Joe are very experienced business people, and bring extensive business backgrounds to S&H, neither of them had ever before published a magazine! Their recently-launched full color glossy magazine brings all the beautifully photographed details of Santa Barbara’s local social events to the reading public, resulting in a very well done magazine.

SHOW 56: 10/01/2007 -- ROY STEVENS and ANNALISA WINBERG international opera singers and principals of AmazingVox School Residencies.

ROY STEVENS and ANNALISA WINBERG are international opera singers who perform throughout the world. Their singing repertoire includes 11 languages. But in addition, they do a very cool program of residency training called AmazingVox in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, After School programs, Continuation High Schools, and Juvenile Halls nationwide. The day of the interview they came fresh from having presented a program to Peabody Charter School that very morning. They are one-of-a-kind-kind-of-folks. They are absolutely captivating!


SHOW 55: 9/24/2007 -- CALPIRG member GARO MANJIKIAN appears with Coastal Rail Now manager DENNIS STORY.

GARO MANJIKIAN is with CALPIRG, the California Public Interest Research Group. He’s a previous Canvass Director of the Santa Barbara office and the current Student Organizer for UCSB. He has a wealth of knowledge about a numerous issues affecting both the state at large and also students.

In particular, CALPIRG is working on a campaign to expand and improve the state's public transportation system. This comes as a response to decades of funding at levels CalPIRG deems inadequate, as well as a recent cut of over 1.3 billion dollars this year - 40% of the budget.

DENNIS STORY is the Chair of Coastal Rail Now. He also has important perspectives on public funding for transportation, and interesting and exciting information for us.

SHOW 54: 9/17/2007 -- Video Teleconferencing guru DAPHNE SIPES.

DAPHNE SIPES is President and CEO of iZonIP, a provider of multipoint videoconferencing as a monthly service offering to small to medium size businesses.

Daphne has 30 years of sales and management experience in leading edge business technology industries. She was a pioneer in the launch of copiers and high tech telephone systems in the 70’s; the launch of the voicemail and auto attendant technology in the 80’s, and most recently spent 15 years in the videoconferencing and web conferencing space, of which she assisted the initial sales efforts for both the current industry leaders, Polycom and Microsoft.

Her career with Xerox, Ericcson, Siemens, Polycom, and Microsoft lead her to found her own 5 year old company, PacificView Communications, now iZonIP. iZonIP is a provider of multipoint videoconferencing services.

Daphne recognized that traditional videoconferencing was not readily available to small businesses, because it required expensive hardware, it was not user friendly, it had too many network, firewall and bridging issues, and in most cases required IT staff. Users could not meet with staff without having a video endpoint, and most importantly could not easily share documents. This new PC based service connects anyone, anywhere in world.

SHOW 53: 9/10/2007 -- JASON KELLY, is President, CEO, and co-founder of Rincon Technology, appears with GARY KRAVETZ, is the former CEO of NCC Executive search and Santa Barbara Staffing

Rincon Technology helps customers purchase, sell and trade network equipment, with an emphasis on timing all transactions to bring about the most profitable results. They partner with end users, leading manufacturers, brokers and re-sellers, focusing on creative ways to meet your needs, from acquiring new technology to timing the sale of surplus assets. At Rincon, Jason crafts corporate strategy and oversees the company’s business model and operations. He holds a B.A. in business economics from UCSB and an M.B.A. in strategy & entrepreneurship from USC. He is also a certified public accountant (CPA) in the state of California.

GARY KRAVETZ, is the former CEO of NCC Executive search and Santa Barbara Staffing; a recruiting company with offices in Santa Barbara, a company that filled positions in clerical, administrative, accounting, HR, technical, management, sales, accounting and support staff.

GARY came to Santa Barbara in 1993 and bought Santa Barbara Staffing. He then added NCC Technical and Executive recruiting as the management, professional and executive recruiting division of the company. Santa Barbara Staffing is one of the top staffing companies in Santa Barbara. They filled over 1,000 temporary and full time positions every year. He’s been involved with the strategic planning of hundreds of his customers

Gary and his wife recently sold Santa Barbara Staffing to Select Staffing, the largest privately owned staffing company in the USA. Gary has become the local expert on manners of business and employment. He’s frequently quoted in print and on television – AND ON THE RADIO!!!

Gary’s a founder of Santa Barbara Executive Roundtable and board member of MIT Forum, and of the Science and Engineering Council. He’s also served on the board of the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, SB City College Business Industry group, SB County -Work Investment board and the SB County Economic Development committee. He’s also a business consultant for Santa Barbara SCORE, WEV, i2000 and the SB Nonprofit Support Center. He’s a board member of the Preferred Professionals of Santa Barbara (a professional consultant’s network), Chairman of the i2000 board (a non---profit small business consulting organization), Charter member of The Santa Barbara Leadership Group (250 local small business members), and a member of Tech Coast Angels. He also provides business consulting and board membership for several local small business. I think he MAY even get some SLEEP!!!

Gary holds a BS and MS in Engineering from UCLA. He has extensive additional education in small business management.

SHOW 52: 9/4/2007 -- Dentist ROBERT SOWINS, DDS tells us about the newest developments in dentistry

Robert describes the new, exciting developments in dentistry, as they have evolved over the years, including cosmetic dentistry, gum health, and a lot more. Don’t say this isn’t rocket science till you listen in. And by the way, as a former rocket scientist, I think it’s greatly overrated!!


SHOW 51: 8/27/2007 -- SBLIFE.COM portal site owner HAROLD ADAMS appears with CPA, business leader, monster volunteer, and all-around cool dude, HARRIS SHERLINE

HAROLD ADAMS is the designer of the very popular website, SBLIFE.COM, Santa Barbara’s very own portal website. Harold also runs ADAMS TECHNICAL, 805-692-2005, where he performs a myriad of technology based services.


He’s a retired CPA, executive, and a MONSTER of a humanitarian volunteer. He practiced public accounting in LA until 1970, when he left the firm he co-founded to go into business management services and real estate investing for clients. He and his wife, Carol, relocated from LA to Santa Barbara in 1977 and moved to Santa Ynez in 1984. He’s been a principal in the restaurant industry, in real estate investment and management, golf course ownership, direct mail advertising, and was the CEO of Santa Ynez Hospital.

But CHECK OUT HIS CHARITY WORK!!! During the late 60’s and early 70’s, he was director and president of United Cerebral Palsy Association of LA County, VP and director of United Cerebral Palsy Association of California, director and treasurer of the Institute for Cancer and Blood Research, and president of the LA County Council of Voluntary Health Agencies.

In 1986, he volunteered with Santa Ynez Valley Hospital, starting with fund raising. He created the hospital’s first Radiothon and was elected to the Board. Then he became Chairman, and ultimately CEO, in 1989, serving for almost two years as an unpaid volunteer. He stayed on as CEO until 1995, when the hospital merged with Cottage Hospital. Then [he SAYS!!!] he retired. As a result of all this, he was named Southern California Volunteer of the Year by the California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Rural Hospital Center, in 1990.

Harris has hosted over two hundred radio shows about health care – FOUR TIMES as many shows as I’ve done! They were on three radio stations in the Santa Barbara area.

But you know a guy like this never REALLY retires! Harris continues to be active in business, primarily consulting on evaluating business opportunities for investors and packaging ventures for financing, expansion or sale. He also served as a director and CFO of a Santa Barbara based national franchising company for four years, until the business was sold in March of 2005.

In his spare time, he writes “Letters to the Editor,” which frequently appear in several Santa Barbara publications. He also writes a regular email opinion letter, Opinionfest, as well as editorials for two Internet websites. In addition, he’s written a series of articles about seniors for the Santa Ynez Valley News and writes a weekly opinion column for the Santa Ynez Valley Journal.

Just as an aside, Harris was an early mentor to the FAMOUS LARRY BARELS, co-founder of WaveFront Technologies, hi-tech mover and shaker, and all around wild-n-crazy guy. One of these days, I want to get Larry on the show.

SHOW 49: 8/13/2007 -- Climate Change Policy Expert Dr. Lisa Dilling appears with Web Usability Consultant Judy Colbert

Lisa Dilling is a CIRES Visiting Fellow with the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Lisa received her Ph.D. in biology from our own University of California-Santa Barbara! She developed a program in integrated carbon cycle research for the Climate and Global Change Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and also helped to develop a national interagency program to study the integrated carbon cycle that links together relevant research in 6 Federal agencies for the U.S. Global Change Research Program (now the U.S. Climate Change Science Program). She spent two years as a scientist with the Environmental and Societal Impacts group of the National Center for Atmospheric Research [“NCAR”]. Her research at the Center focuses on the use of information in decision making related to climate and, in particular, the carbon cycle.

Judy Colbert is a consultant who works in WEBSITE USABILITY for numerous clients! [HP – are you listening??? YOUR websites could use some of Judy’s moxie – ALL your websites!]


SHOW 48: 8/6/2007 -- Standup Comedian, Actor, Film Maker, and Hollywood Businessman BOB GOLUB appears

BOB GOLUB is a comedian, actor, and film maker with 23 years of credits. He’s just completed a movie, DODO, described as a “DocuComedy”, roughly patterned after his formative years in a large family, growing up in a steel town in the Shenango Valley straddling the northern Pennsylvania / Ohio border. Based on his one-man stage show of the same name, the movie describes the evolution of a large family thru both travail and triumph, and takes its name from the nickname given to Bob’s dad.

SHOW 47: 7/30/2007 -- Pre-Recorded session of ME interviewing MYSELF!  At my secretary's suggestion, it's called "WAYNE UNPLUGGED.

Once again, I am PRE-RECORDING this show.  I'm actually hiking Mount Whitney with my 16-year-old son Matt.  So this pre-record gives you some of my OWN views on things.  I'll be back next week with a regular program!

SHOW 46: 7/23/2007 -- Attorney BRETT LOCKER appears with local consultant and woman-about-town ERIN GRAFFY.

BRETT LOCKER is an attorney with local firm SCHLEY, LOOK and GUTHRIE in business, commercial contracts, corporate actions and intellectual property. He‘s represented large and small clients in both “new” and “old” economy businesses. Before joining Schley Look & Guthrie LLP, Brett was with a prominent civil litigation firm, trying cases throughout Central and Southern California, and also in solo practice.



ERIN GRAFFY is the principal in her own marketing communications consulting firm, which serves professional service industries and non-profits. She’s been an adjunct professor in marketing communications, teaching at UCSB, Golden Gate University, and Antioch University, as well as at SBCC’s Continuing Education division and UCSB Extension programs. She’s also taught at WEV, SCORE, and SBCC’s Family Business Center. Her work has earned her professional distinction from the American Advertising Federation, as Business Woman of the Year from Business and Professional Women, and as the International Business Liaison to Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. Recently, she was named a California Chairman for the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee. AND – HER DAD IS AN OLD BUDDY OF MINE!!!!!!!! He was on this show last fall.

Erin’s also the historian for "Old Spanish Days Fiesta" and has authored numerous books and historical articles for regional publications, as well as for the Santa Historical Society, the Trust for Historical Preservation. She’s acted as a reviewer for the Southern California Quarterly of the California Historical Society. She’s been commissioned to write the history of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club and waterfront history, a project she’s currently finishing.

SHOW 45: 7/16/2007 -- Recently retired Postmaster MARY FRINK appears with US Postal Service guru BRIAN KENNY and incoming postmaster TURI ENGLER.

MARY FRINK is the retired Post master of Santa Barbara [**NOT** the “postmistress”, as she points out]. The US Postal Service is LOADED with superlatives [yes! She is ONLY one of them], like being the oldest institution in the US government, the “owner” of the oldest LAW ENFORCEMENT organization in the US [the US Postal Inspection Service], and a WHOLE LOT MORE. Today’s postal service is confronting both unique and business-wide challenges such as changing mail habits due to e-Mail, threats of terrorism, workplace violence, ever-increasing needs for efficiency, and many more. Mary has been on the front lines of this process for a long time, and is a true veteran. She has also been instrumental in community outreach programs such as the recent wildly successful collection of more than 10,000 pairs of used eyeglasses for distribution to those in need. She is here in the studio with her guests, Brian Kenny and Turi Engler.

SHOW 44: 7/9/2007 -- RINALDO BRUTOCO of the WORLD BUSINESS ACADEMY appears with TERRELL HILL, National Sales Manager of DISCOVERY MEDICAL, who is making an encore appearance.

THE WORLD BUSINESS ACADEMY in Ojai http://www.worldbusiness.org, has so much going on, I can hardly even grasp it all, but we were in for a real treat!

The Academy publishes more than 850 papers per year, and has just released a book, Freedom from Middle East Oil, that discusses money-saving energy infrastructure efficiency improvements being undertaken NOW that will dramatically reduce or eliminate the US's oil dependency in the near term.

Rinaldo was Founder and President of the nation's first pay cable television operation, Optical Systems Corporation, as well as CEO of one of the first companies to offer over-the-air television transmissions of major motion pictures, Universal Subscription Television. While CEO at Universal, he oversaw an equity infusion of $30 million, launching broadcast television operations in Boston, New York, San Francisco and other major markets, achieving gross annualized revenues of $35 million in its first three years. For 13 years, he also served as the Chairman of Logical Data Management, which pioneered distributed data processing and high-speed data transfers.  Rinaldo also served on the board of $2 billion NYSE-traded The Men's Wearhouse for over a decade, from its initial IPO to the present time. During that same time period, he was CEO and Chairman of the Red Rose Collection, which was named for three consecutive years to INC Magazine's 500 fastest growing privately held companies. Among many other distinctions, Red Rose served, for the last twelve years of Mother Teresa's life, as the sole distributor of her personally endorsed biographical motion picture.

We also have an ENCORE APPEARANCE from TERRELL HILL, the national sales manager for DISCOVERY MEDICAL, a manufacturer of TOUCHLESS MEDICAL DEVICES.  Terrell is here today to warn us about a recent outbreak of a nasty, antibiotic resistant bacterium, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA.  Spooky, but compelling listening.

SHOW 43: 7/2/2007 -- RICK FELDMAN of The EYEGLASS FACTORY appears with Optometrist DR. BARRY MAST.

Dr. BARRY MAST is an optometrist with an independent practice on Milpas Street in Santa Barbara and a heart of gold.

RICK FELDMAN created THE EYEGLASS FACTORY  http://www.eyeglassfactory.com right next to Dr. Barry's practice after a long career in retail vision care products and services [he's PROUD to state that HIS SON is currently running the place!

Both of these men had long careers of doing HUGE service to the local community and the country by working to provide eye care to those who need it, irrespective of ability to pay.  They soon began working together.  They organized a Christmas event at which free eye exams were given, and were astounded at the huge response.  They have been continuing in that spirit ever since - with NO BOARD OF DIRECTORS, NO OVERHEAD, and NO COMMITTEES!  They simply provide SERVICE WHERE NEEDED.  They work cooperatively with numerous local agencies on a mutual referral basis, including Surgical Eye Expeditions [SEE] International, Direct Relief, and many, many others.  These guys are truly local heroes!


SHOW 42: 6/25/2007 -- JITAN PATEL of the Village Banking section of FINCA INTERNATIONAL appears with SUZANNE CHESS of Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara.

JITAN PATEL is with VILLAGE BANKING at FINCA INTERNATIONAL [http://www.VillageBanking.org]. These guys are some of the heroes and heroines of the modern age. They make “micro-loans” to entrepreneurs in the developing world, often for amounts of local currency as small as $100 or so in equivalent US currency. The investments are used by local entrepreneurs to create businesses, start or improve farms, or in other ways invest in locally based productivity.  THESE GUYS HAVE GOT IT GOIN' ON!

SUZANNE CHESS is a long time friend of mine. I originally hired her to help me out with MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING way back in about 1983. Since that time, she and her husband, Bob Evans, have created the FORCE FIN line of innovative SCUBA and swimming fins [Bob was my guest last fall - see his profile below]. But she’s here today to tell us about her newest (ad)venture, FINE FABRICS of Santa Barbara [http://www.FineFabrics.com]. She’s got some serious surprises in store for us [pun intended], and I was even able coax her into connecting us with her Ph.D. candidate SON about some very cool stuff he's doing in researching the chemistry of global climate change.


SHOW 41: 6/18/2007 -- LARRY JORDAN is back with us for the full hour!

LARRY JORDAN is a producer, director, editor, consultant and Apple Certified trainer with over 30 years of video production and post-production experience, with credits ranging from local TV stations to PBS. A member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America, he is a post-production consultant to Los Angeles broadcast and production studios. In addition to his broadcast credits, Larry is recognized as one of the Top 100 Corporate Producers in America and is frequently featured as a speaker at conferences, seminars and user groups around North America.  You can see his website at http://www.larryJordan.biz.

Not only that, but LARRY IS A DAMN CLEVER, WITTY GUY, and I really like having him on the show!

SHOW 40: 6/11/2007 -- VINAY GUPTA, founder and president of JANEEVA Corporation, and EIGHTH GRADER MEGHA MANJUNATH, winner of the BEST IN DIVISION AWARD in Behavior Science at the Santa Barbara County Science Fair.

At Janeeva http://www.janeeva.com, Vinay is pioneering a new type of web-based “software as a service” ["SaaS"] offering focused on managing the complex business relationships within today’s “Enterprise 2.0” corporate structures. Vinay is a serial entrepreneur based in the Midwest. As Entrepreneur in Residence with Ardesta LLC, a unique VC firm specializing in "small tech" MEMS companies, he has served as president of three venture backed MEMS technology companies. Vinay is also co-founder of BlueGill Technologies, an Internet infrastructure company that specializes in Internet billing software. (BlueGill was sold to CheckFree Corporation in 2000 for $250 mil-lion.) Vinay has a unique viewpoint on today’s rapidly-advancing technologies and their impact on our business and personal lives.

MEGHA MANJUNATH an 8th grade student at Goleta Valley Junior High. Her science teacher is Mr. Brad Penkala. One of the MANY things that makes her SPECIAL is that she won BEST IN DIVISION at the Santa Barbara County Science Fair in the Behavioral Science Division. Her project question was, How does the presence of recognizable features in objects affect the length of time to perceive stereo images? She chose this topic on stereovision for her science fair project because, since she was in elementary school, her dad would bring home optical illusions and random dot stereograms. Since then, she has always been curious about how she was able to see those incredible 3-D images. That led her to a more detailed aspect of the problem, thus leading to her question. Not only was this project very interesting, but she learned a lot about our brain and the complex human eye.

SHOW 39: 6/4/2007 -- ADAM GARNER, one of the Principals of Sun King Solar, a cooperative green building construction firm in Santa Barbara, appears with JON HEFFNER, of LIVINGREEN Company, a pioneering green materials and lifestyle showroom, also right here in Santa Barbara!

Adams's company provides consulting to customers building green, environmentally friendly buildings. He works with builders and architects to assist them in making the right design, engineering, and materials choices. http://www.sunkingsolar.com. You can reach him at 805-280-9050 or operations@sunkingsolar.org.

JON's company has been selling green building and lifestyle products in Santa Barbara and Culver City for 10 years. You can see their website at http://www.livingreen.com/.

SHOW 38: 5/28/2007 -- PROFESSOR STEVEN DENBAARS, professor of Materials and Electrical & Computer Engineering, and the Co-Director of the Solid State Lighting & Display Center, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, appears with DAN KEPL, the founding artistic director of the Santa Barbara Chamber Music Festival

Steven DenBaars is a fellow of the IEEE [not a mere, lowly Regular Member like me :-)] and the recipient of the Mitsubishi Chemical Endowed Chair in Solid State Lighting and Display.  You can see the COOL stuff they're doing at the Solid State Lighting & Display Center by going to their website... http://ssldc.ucsb.edu/.

Steve's research areas are in MOCVD [that's Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition, by the way] growth of Gallium Nitride based wide-bandgap semiconductors and their application to blue LEDs and laser and high-power electronic devices. Basically, Steve and a veritable ARMY of grad students and other profs create little doped semiconductor diode junctions using GaN doped with [hold your hat!] SILICON.  The jump across the gap gives them the ability to create photons as short as 280 nanometers [well into the UV], at quantum efficiencies of FIFTY PERCENT!!! This allows all sorts of wonderful things to happen, including WHITE LEDs.  [They could make red and green LEDs before, but needed blue to round out the 3 components you eye sees as white light].  It also allows highly efficient UV-based water purification.  The energy saved in white LEDs is crucial in today's world.  In a word, these guys ROCK!!!

DAN KEPL is the founding artistic director of the Santa Barbara Chamber Music Festival, founded in 2003.  It’s the only chamber music festival in the US that performs ONLY American chamber music!  Dan was born in Spokane, Washington in 1948 and moved to Santa Barbara with his family in 1960.  He studied as a conductor with Dr. Erno Daniel, the conductor of the Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra [and the father of the famed physician also named Dr. Erno Daniel], after founding the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony in 1964, at the age of 16.  He went on to found the annual Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival in Seattle, Washington prior to his return to Santa Barbara.

This year, the Festival had to be cancelled for lack of funding.  As a physicist, my career took me into smashing atoms and looking at the pieces, in order to better understand nature.  In this session, we looked at the implications for music and culture exemplified by this year's cancellation, and possibly picked up some important ideas.  [The Festival intends to be around next year.]

SHOW 37: 5/21/2007 -- We honor THE DREAM FOUNDATION and speak to its President and Founder, THOMAS ROLLERSON, and two of its dedicated staff members, ANN SMITHCORS and EVE LECHNER.

THOMAS ROLLERSON is founder and President of the Dream Foundation.  The mission of the Dream Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their families who are battling terminal illnesses.  Tom is shown at the left with Dream Foundation Celebrity Supporters Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley.

The Dream Foundation is the first national wish-granting organization for adults over the age of 18.  Now in its 12th year, the Dream Foundation has granted thousands of dreams to adults who are emotionally, financially, and physically devastated by terminal illness.  The Dream Foundation serves all fifty states from one small office based in Santa Barbara, and a satellite office in Los Angeles.

EVE LECHNER works with the Dream Foundation, and ANN SMITHCORS is a Volunteer with the Dream Foundation and is involved with the Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program.

SHOW 36: 5/14/2007 -- Pre-Recorded session of ME interviewing MYSELF!  At my secretary's suggestion, it's called "WAYNE UNPLUGGED.

Lisa Headley, my secretary, has been asking me to do a set of my own opinions [I tend to keep them out of my normal shows], and here it is!  Many of these also appear in print on the Grow Detroit website, http://growdetroit.com/execblogs/blog/?b=Wayne.

Now you get to know what **I** think!!!


SHOW 35: 5/7/2007 -- Technology guru-dentist DR. WALTER DUKES appears with insurance guru JIM STEVENSON.

Today’s first guest will be WALTER DUKES.  He’s one of our sponsors, and a great guy I’ve known for more than 25 years.  He’s the most high tech dentist you’ll ever meet, and has done all the dental work for me and for my kids as they’ve graduated out of pediatric dentistry.  He’s also a specialist in orofacial pain treatment and in dental appliances used to treat chronic sleep apnea, and is sure to have a LOT of exciting things to tell us today.  You can find him at 805-963-1222, 1809 Cliff Drive, on the Mesa in Santa Barbara.   http://www.waltercdukesdds.com/

My second guest is a reprise interview with insurance guru JIM STEVENSON.  He'll be updating us on the latest happenings in the world of insurance.


4/30/2007 -- Post-Production guru LARRY JORDAN appears with Laser Macromolecular Detection pioneer PHIL WYATT.
LARRY JORDAN is a producer, director, editor, consultant and Apple Certified trainer with over 30 years of video production and post-production experience, with credits ranging from local TV stations to PBS. A member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America, he is a post-production consultant to Los Angeles broadcast and production studios. In addition to his broadcast credits, Larry is recognized as one of the Top 100 Corporate Producers in America and is frequently featured as a speaker at conferences, seminars and user groups around North America. http://www.larryjordan.biz/

The rest of the world knows PHIL WYATT as the founder and CEO of Wyatt Technology Corporation of Goleta, specializing in macromolecular detectors and analytics, makers of laser-based analytical instruments used for the discovery of new drugs and materials, who have carved out a very groundbreaking technology.

**I** know him as MY FIRST UNIVERSITY COLLEGE PROFESSOR, from 1965 – back when I had HAIR!  And Phil and I served together on the Democratic Central Committee of Santa Barbara County in the mid-1980s.  He’s also the guy who employs one of my oldest and best friends, none other than the infamous Doctor Bill Proctor, seafarer, smiling pirate, wild man, and ANALOG electrical engineer.  http://www.wyatt.com/


  4/23/2007 -- Infrared Scientist GREG MATIS appears with Cardiac Surgery Appliance maker RAY BERTOLERO.

GREG MATIS is the Senior Scientist for Santa Barbara Infrared Inc. for the last 5 yrs working on Advanced Electro-Optical, Laser and Infrared Test Sets, Radiometry, and Dynamic Infrared Scene Projection.  Santa Barbara Infrared is a world leading supplier of standard and custom equipment for FLIR testing, IR detector testing, IR simulation, and IR/Visible/Laser boresight testing. http://www.sbir.com

RAY BERTOLERO is the Vice President of ESTECH Cardiac Surgery Specialists of San Ramon, California.  Estech makes dozens of products used daily by surgeons around the world.  Take a listen as he tells us about their EXCITING new BREAKTHRU CURES for Stage 3 heart failure and Atrial Fibrilation!!! http://www.estech.com/

4/16/2007 -- Biodegadable Plastics pioneer MICHAEL LAURIER appears with Montecito Empowerment Trainer BRITT BEAUVOIX.
MICHAEL LAURIER is the CEO of Symphony Environmental Technologies PLC.  They are a manufacturer of FULLY BIODEGRADABLE, FULLY RECYCLABLE PLASTICS for packaging and other uses.  This guy is ON TO something BIG!!!  He’s calling us from England.  YOu can check his websites at http://www.symphonyplastics.com/ and http://www.degradable.net/.

BRITT BEAUVOIX is an Empowerment Trainer from Montecito, and has conducted training in relationship management for businesses, individuals, and groups.

4/9/2007 -- Mechanical and Environmental Engineering Professor CARL MEINHART appears with Inogen CEO Kathy ODell.
CARL MEINHARDT http://www.me.ucsb.edu/meinhart/ is an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering at our very own UCSB, where he specializes in MICROFLUIDICS.  Professor Meinhart's research group investigates fundamental fluid mechanics problems at the micro-scale and nano-scale, with special emphasis on transport issues in MEMS-based sensors for detection of specific biological molecules.  I more than doubled my own spotty knowledge of microfluidics during this show!  I even learned that Reynolds Numbers down around 0.001 can be found in microfluidic conditions.  Now THAT is a TINY Reynold's Number!!!!

KATHY O’DELL is the CEO of INOGEN of Goleta, CA. http://www.inogen.net/  Her company makes innovative oxygen concentrators for medical purposes, and their technology is the result of a partnership with LAUNCHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, who were guests on this very show last fall.

These are little, tiny 90-pound, 40-watt devices that give oxygen-dependent patients up to 90% pure oxygen to breathe.  Inogen has received $22 Million in Financing Led by Novo A/S and Arboretum Ventures.  WOW!  And the company was started by three teenagers...

4/2/2007 -- Reverse Mortgage specialist MIKE BENCZE appears with Art Dealer CAROLE THOMPSON.
Reverse Mortgages are financial products that are of special interest to us so-called “graying baby boomers” [although I’d appreciate having enough hair left to worry about it’s getting gray!]  There sure are a lot of us, too!  According to Mike there will be EIGHT THOUSAND PEOPLE PER DAY turning 60 years of age for the next EIGHTEEN YEARS!  WOWWhen I was born in 1947, I was delivered by the poet, William Carlos Williams, who was also a pediatrician.  It is rumored that, after I was born, Dr. Williams was hear to call, “NEXT”!  [William Carlos Williams delivered over 3,000 babies!]  Mike's website, incidentally, is http://www.retireriskfree.com.

I met CAROLE THOMPSON last year on the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce trip to China.  Carole was the curator of the Detroit Institute of the Arts, and in 1991 became a broker in original Civil War photographs, fine paintings, and in the photographs of Lewis W. Hine, an American photographer who lived from 1874 to 1940.  [Hine spent much of his photographing child laborers in American businesses in an effort to expose the conditions under which they worked. His efforts are widely recognized as the first use of photography to bring about legislative change.]  Carole's site is http://www.southernphotos.com

3/26/2007 -- I am pleased to present David Kirke, the inventor of the sport of bungee jumping!

Today’s guest is an old friend, and this is really a treat for me.  He’s DAVID KIRKE, better known to the world as THE GUY WHO INVENTED THE MODERN SPORT OF BUNGEE JUMPING!  He’s also one of the founders of the Dangerous Sports Club of Britain, along with Chris Baker, Ed Hulton and Alan Weston, and he’s calling in from London.  David is one of a very select group of people about whom I cannot think without breaking a grin!

I met David in 1979, right after he came to the US to do the world’s second bungee jump, off the Golden Gate Bridge [he’d done the first one April Fool’s Day, 1979, in Bristol, England, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge.]

3/19/2007 -- Private Equity guru Ryan Siemens appears with whale watching captain Dennis Longaberger of Sunset Kidd cruises.   RYAN W. SIEMENS is the MANAGING DIRECTOR OF PRIVATE EQUITY AND CORPORATE FINANCE for WAVELAND CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC. www.WaveLandGroup.com.   He’s actually IN the studio.  Ryan is a Santa Barbara native.  One of the lucky ones, he was able to RETURN from Orange County, where WaveLand’s main office is, 2 ½ years ago.  His firm invests strongly in medical technology and energy.

Brian Longaberger is a sailing captain [which, by the way, makes him a bona fide member of the ECO-TOURISM industry] and yacht broker with Sunset Kidd cruises http://www.sunsetkidd.com/

Listen to him tell about surprising story of the juvenile gray whale that has just [March 2007] adopted the Santa Barbara harbor and other tales of our local briny deep.


3/12/2007 -- Engineering author WILLIAM GURSTELLE appears with deep sea diving pioneer, successful businessman, ADCI Commercial Diving Hall of Fame inductee, and environmental strategist LAD HANDLEMAN.   William Gurstelle, P.E. is an award winning writer, state licensed engineer, best-selling author, inveterate tinkerer, and professional speaker. He is a contributing editor for Make Magazine and frequent contributor to several national technology magazines.  His website is http://www.williamgurstelle.com/index.php.

Bill's talks explore the most radical technology on earth. He's written about, as well as built, high-velocity air cannons, large gravity-powered catapults, warrior robots, pulsejets, and flamethrowers.  Crown Books/Random House will publish his fifth book, Whoosh, Boom Splat, in 2007. Bill's previous books include Backyard Ballistics, The Art of the Catapult, and Building Bots

LAD HANDLEMAN is a diving industry pioneer.  Coming to California as a teenager, he was an early abalone diver off the Southern California coastline, an adventure he describes as his proudest days.  From that beginning, he became a construction and oilfield diver and contractor. The companies he founded in the process, Oceaneering International and Cal Dive (recently renamed Helix) are still today two of the offshore industry’s premier contractors, and are both on the New York Stock Exchange!! WOW!!  I’d like to do that with one of MY tech companies, and he did it TWICE!!  And I have to mention that I was a diver/tender for one of his companies, Oceaneering, in 1973 in Brazil.

Since 1985, Lad has been in the marine mammal mitigation business.  He is a very deep thinker, and has a lot of very well researched, groundbreaking proposals for marine mammals and fisheries management, energy issues, and economics.  He is also proud that the hard lessons he learned from life on and under the ocean provided all the schooling he needed in order to succeed in the corporate business world.

3/5/2007 -- BEN WILLMORE is a Photoshop guru and Adobe author.  Dr. DAVID LEA is a Professor in the Department of Earth Science and the Marine Science Institute at UCSB.  Dave is one of the directors of the Global Warming Science & Society Event Series.

Ben has personally taught over 50,000 Photoshop users on three continents. His descriptions of Curves and Channels are thought to be the best in the industry and his breakthrough teaching style of “not-just-how-but-why,” has made him the in-house instructor of choice for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Adobe Systems, America Online, the U.S. Airforce, Lexis Nexis and Fisher-Price Toys. His award-winning, best-selling book, Adobe Photoshop Studio Techniques is said to be “Arguably, one of the best Photoshop books ever written.” by Photoshop User’s publisher, Jim Workman. He is co-author (with Jack Davis) of another best-seller, How to Wow: Photoshop for Photographers, as well as another bestseller, Up to Speed: Photoshop CS2


Dave is a real innovator.  He doesn't look old enough to have been a postdoc in the 1980s, but he was one of the first researchers in the world to establish genuine ocean temperature records for the earth's ocean that date back millions of years!  It turns out that microplankton create shells made mostly of calcium carbonate, but they have a bit of magnesium carbonate in them, too.  [Both magnesium and calcium cations are present in sea water.]  Dave discovered that the RATIO of the two is a function of the water temperature!  WOW!  That helps us determine global warming trends very well indeed.   Dave is one of the directors of the Global Warming Science and Society Event Series sponsored by the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Since we are all citizens of the planet, this is a series of great importance to everyone.


2/26/2007 -- STEVE FENNELL is the Winemaker and General Manager of Santa Barbara County's own SANFORD WINERY.  Steve is a UCSB graduate [1990, Geology].  After getting his bachelor's degree, his interest in fine wines led him to pursue studies in oenology [the science of winemaking] at UC Davis.  After graduation, Steve worked in the Napa Valley for 14 years before coming home to Santa Barbara.

There are a lot of wine shows on the radio and TV, but we are going to find out the science BEHIND the wine... how it's grown, how it's made, and what things make the difference in producing the final product.  I am personally going to learn a LOT, and I hope all the listeners will, too!

The picture shows Steve on the left, me having a bad hair day in the middle, and my girlfriend, Diane Powers, on the right.
2/19/2007 -- LARRY GREEN is a true Internet pioneer, and I am honored to say he is a long-term friend, as well.  Larry was part of the team that created the first Internet [called "ARPANet" at the time] on November 15, 1969, with a total of FOUR nodes!  Larry has created SIX Internet companies and sold 3 of them to the "biggies" - Rockwell, Siemens, and IXIA.


I first met Larry in 1971 at the Las Vegas Fall Joint Computer Conference.  Since then, I've watched him found Computing Machinery Corporation [twice!], Web Power Authority, and several others, and serve with Wavefront Technologies, Alliance manufacturing Software, and a host of others.  Larry was the guy who connected the FIRST microprocessor to the Internet - a Zilog Z-8000 - only to be followed by 1.1 BILLION more [as of today] and counting!

As one of my longest-term and best friends, this show was more fun than it should be LEGAL to have on the radio!

2/12/2007 -- MARTY TIBBITS is my visionary boss, and is the Chairman of the BOSS family of companies, including telecommunications, technology, financial services, and IT services.  He's an out-of-the-box thinker, and every one of his companies is exciting!  CRAIG HARRIS is the founder and CEO of NOZASEARCH.COM, the world’s largest online database of charitable giving, with over 17 million records of charitable donations by individuals, corporations, and foundations.  Marty Tibbitts is one of the most fascinating guys I've ever met.  After beginning his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street, he founded LCR Communications, a long distance phone company that had, at its height, more than 500,000 business customers.  He wrote the ACCESS database code himself that processed the accounting, and later hired programmers to expand it into an IT business so successful it became an independent company, Back Office Support Systems, or BOSS - the root name of the rest of his companies.  He bought my former company, Offshore Creations, Inc., as the core of the the BOSS software development company, BOSSdev www.BOSSdev.com.  Marty's interests include security operations www.DefenderTech.com, finance, government contracting, and many, many others.  As you listen to the archive, you'll see what an out-of-the-box, agile thinker this guy is!!!
 Craig Harris is one of the true luminaries of the nonprofit world.  He told me that a whopping 14% of the US workforce works in nonprofit organizations, and 10% of the US GDP is the result of nonprofit work.  WOW!

Craig's website, WWW.NOZASEARCH.COM, is a resource for nonprofits, but that is putting it mildly.  His site SPIDERS all publicly available websites for records of donations to charity by individuals and organizations, and then categorizes them by 200 attributes.  Charities seeking donors can purchase search credits for a very modest price, and can use those search results to expand their donor base in highly targeted ways.  That also makes his company among the first, if not THE first, VERTICAL MARKET SEARCH ENGINE in the world!

Craig’s career in nonprofit service began in 1995 when he joined the Peace Corps as an Agroforestry Extensionist. Over the next decade, he became something of a living legend, both in Paraguay and internationally, in agroforestry, in the creation of highly innovative programs in reforestation, in the alternative agriculture sector, in natural disaster recovery, and in international finance of classroom and economic development programs.  His work has become a pattern for numerous international organizations.  He received a commendation from the US Ambassador to Paraguay for his creative leadership.Since his return to the United States, he’s worked his magic at the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County and at nonprofit consulting agencies South Coast Strategies and VisionWork Associates, Habitat for Humanity, Casa Esperanza Homeless Center, and the $50 million St. Vincent’s Affordable Housing Campaign.Craig is a graduate of UCSB.  I discovered by looking at his website that he’s at 1407 Norman Firestone Road at the airport.  Back in 1978 thru 1981, I operated Norris Airways from that same address!!  GREAT part of town!
2/5/2007 -- JOHN DICKSON is the proprietor of the website SANTABARBARA.COM.  Most of his energy is focused on his RESTAURANT GUIDE, which is a unique Web 2.0 presence.  During Christmas, he became "THE ACCIDENTAL SANTA CLAUS!"  CHAD STEVENS is the proprietor of CHAD'S RESTAURANT and the original and also last-standing SAMBO'S RESTAURANT.  He has had very good luck with John's restaurant site, and will tell us about the world of a Santa Barbara restaurateur.
  Chad's on the left, John's in the middle.  I'm the old guy on the right.John not only has the website WWW.SANTABARBARA.COM, but also the phone number 1-800-SANTABARBARA.  During last Christmas season, he discovered that his phone number is only 1 digit away from 1-800-SANTACLAUS!  More than 900 kids and their parents called him, and that fact led him to be interviewed in the Santa Barbara News Press, KEYT television, MSNBC, KNX News Radio out of Los Angeles, and CNN!  Next year, he plans to have volunteers help him out and spread good cheer throughout the entire USA Chad has restaurants in his blood.  His grandfather, Sam Battistone, Sr., opened the first SAMBO'S restaurant on Cabrillo Boulevard in Santa Barbara in 1957 [WHOA!  THAT'S THE YEAR I CAME TO CALIFORNIA FROM NEW JERSEY AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF TEN!!!] http://www.sambosrestaurant.com/.  At one time a chain of more than 1,200 restaurants, most paired with a Motel 6, the chain served millions of people for decades.  One of the successor companies from its breakup in 1981 is Santa Barbara's own INFOGENESIS CORPORATION http://www.infogenesis.com/index.aspx, the world's largest maker of operations software for the fine dining restaurant sector.  [I **KNOW** they're good folks over there... I used to be a PROGRAMMER for them!]  Chad is now the proprietor of the sole surviving SAMBO'S restaurant, and also of his own bistro, CHAD'S http://www.chads.biz/index.html.  
1/29/2007 -- LUGENE BLACK, local affiliate for HELLOWORLD.COM, a web service dedicated to helping people organize their digital lives!  
  Lugene is the local representative for this interesting site, www.HelloWorld.com.  She also conducts introductory computer training courses, primarily aimed at older adults.  To contact her, please go to http://www.vmdirect.com/root.custom/vmd/US/contact_me.html.  
1/22/2007 -- Environmental specialists TIM MURPHY and DAN TORMEY of ENTRIX COPRORATION appear with TOM FRAGALA of TRUSTON CORPORATION, specialists in the prevention and mitigation of identity theft.
  My old buddy TIM MURPHY, of Entrix Corporation www.entrix.com, appears with his colleague, DAN TORMEY.  Entrix is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in water and energy resource analyses for public and private clients throughout California and the West.  I worked with Tim so long ago, I had a full head of hair, and he’s a lot younger than I am, so he still has all of his.  We’re going to learn about the environmental planning process.

Something we are all worried about is IDENTITY THEFT!  My guest during the second half of the program is TOM FRAGALA, of TRUSTON CORPORATION www.mytruston.com.  Their business is to help people avoid identity theft, and to recover afterward.



Think YOU'LL look this good when YOU'RE 69 years old?What can I say???  Dick is a living legend.  The guy who STARTED surf music is also an accomplished surfer, a Cessna 337 pilot, a martial arts expert, proud father of Jimmy Dale, who is carrying on his legend, and owns his own airport and large compound in the California desert, where he and his parents still live!  He tours the world, and is the author of Let's Go Trippin', the song that made him famous, and Misrlou, the song that made him a legend, notably after its use as the title song for the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction.
I grew up going to Dick Dale's Friday night concerts at Harmony Park on Loara Street in Anaheim, CA in 1963 and 1964, as soon as I got my driver's license.  Dick stood atop Disney's Space Mountain for a performance. The guy's awesome.  Take a listen!
1/8/2007 -- Women's Economic Ventures Managing Director JUDY HAWKINS appears with commercial real estate brokerage Radius Group's co-founder SCOTT GLENN.   Women's Economic Ventures, also referred to as "WEV" [pronounced "WEAVE"], is a non-profit organization in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties whose mission is to create an equitable and just society through the economic empowerment of women across the globe.  They create and run programs that offer a continuum of services for women at every stage of the small business life cycle, including startup, launch, build, and sustain.  Judy has worked for them for 5 years, and was previously involved in their programs.  You can see their website at www.wevonline.com. Their phone is 805-965-6073.

The Radius Group is a commercial real estate brokerage founded by four successful commercial realtors in 2002.  Scott Glenn is a Principal and broker, along with Steve Golis, Steve Brown, and Bob Tuler.  They have 15 licensed agents and 15 support staff, and have provided the home for many of the technology companies in town.  You can see their website at www.radiusgroup.com.  Scott's phone number is 805-965-5500, extension 12.


1/1/2007 -- HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!  Today I went for a change of pace.  I had Cecilio Rodriguez, of the world famous musical group CECILIO AND KAPONO, for a wide-ranging talk about his new album and his musical career.

Cecilio's the handsome one on the left.Today’s show will be a laid-back change of pace, with Santa Barbara’s own CECILIO RODRIGUEZ, of the world famous musicians CECILIO AND KAPONO, the group he has had with Hawaiian musician HENRY KAPONO KAI HUI for THIRTY YEARS.  Their albums include Cecilio & Kapono, Elua, and The Night Music.  CECILIO’S own career includes a touring career opening for Little Anthony and the Imperials and collaborations with groups including the Beach Boys, Carlos Santana, Loggins and Messina, Jose Felciano, Rich Little, Cheech & Chong, Flash Cadillac, Frank Zappa, Rare Earth, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Boz Scaggs, the Temptations, Janis Ian, War, and America, not to mention appearances on Hawaii Five-O, Jake and the Fat Man, the Miracle Network Telethon, and many others.  We’re going to hear much more about his career and his plans.  His new album, Sweet Surprise, is available thru Border's in the stores and online.  [CECILIO IS THE HANDSOME DUDE ON THE LEFT!!  THE OTHER GUY IS ME! :-) ]

Cecilio was born and raised here in Santa Barbara and graduated from Santa Barbara High School in 1963.  I can remember going to dances where his band at the time, The Collegiates, were performing at UCSB's Robertson Gym.  Soon after, he advanced his musical career by going to the Los Angeles area with a band called Unicorn, featuring lots of vocals as well as eminently danceable music.  Unicorn was invited to play in Waikiki, Hawaii, and that spawned a love affair between Cecilio and the Hawaiian Islands that continues to this day.

ENGINEERS!!  CHECK **THIS** OUT FOR OVER-THE-TOP!!! --> http://spectrum.ieee.org/oct06/4665

12/25/2006 -- DEMO SHOW -- WE'RE AIRING THIS PRE-RECORDED SHOW ON CHRISTMAS DAY [I will be SKIING instead of being in the studio!!! :-) NOTE -- This one did not air live -- BUT IT SHOULD HAVE!!!

This was the show that made it all possible!  Interviewees were:

Jay Ferro of Nutricate, Inc. [http://www.nutricatecorp.com/index.asp], whose
patented system prints nutritional labels on restaurant cash register receipts [see also the 10/2/2006 notes below]

Andrea Read, President of Chief Pilot of Spitfire Aviation;
[http://www.flyspitfire.com/], a flying school with both traditional airplanes and also the exciting new glass-cockpit Cirrus;


Mark Sylvester, President of IntroNetworks, Inc.
[http://www.intronetworks.com/introNetworks_content.html], whose social
networking software is taking the world by storm; and

Alan Macy, CEO of Biopac Systems, Inc. [http://www.biopac.com/], makers of an innovative line of physiological monitor instruments for education and research.

GARY PETERSON. Gary was appointed as the Environmental member of the California Integrated Waste Management Board on July 19, 2005 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Previously, he was the president of Environmental Problem Solving Enterprises, chairman of BioConverter, former vice-president at Waste Management, Inc.; director of environmental affairs for Recycle America, and founder and president of Ecolo-Haul recycling.  Gary’s a national leader in recycling and sustainability and has advised local, State, federal, business, non-profit, and corporate entities. He’s a former member of the task force for the Greening of the White House and is chairman of the board of Green Seal in Washington, DC. He’s also a co-founder of the California Resource Recovery Association and a founding member of the National Recycling Coalition.

LeRoy is my buddy.  He and his family were with me for the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce trip to the Peoples' Republic of China last March.  LeRoy's bank is a great place that REALLY works with businesses and individuals to help make their money go the furthest and work the hardest.  With THREE VICE PRESIDENTS on the air or in the studio, there will be NO QUESTION about banking we won't be able to answer!  http://www.CommunityWestBank.com.  Check them out!

12/11/2006 -- DAN POLIER, independent film maker, and BEN KUFRIN, cinematographer, have just completed an independent film, Debating Robert Lee, to be release by New Light Entertainment on DVD on December 12, 2006, at Border's, the Wherehouse, and all other stores where movies and music are sold.  They will tell us about the fascinating art of making an independent film.

Debating Robert Lee stars Dale Midkiff [Title Role in Elvis and Me; Pet Sematery; The Crow: Revenge], Kaley Cuoco [Bridgette on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter; Billie on ABC’s Charmed], Daniel Letterle [Law and Order: Special Victims Unit], and Beau Bridges.  The producer/director, Dan Polier, is a veteran Hollywood writer, and the Cinematographer, Ben Kufrin, is a well known Hollywood favorite.  The movie website is http://www.debatingrobertlee.com.

As a TECHNOLOGY show, we’re going to ask them HOW you shoot a film like this, WHY you use film instead of digital cameras, and other techie questions.  As a BUSINESS show, we’re going to ask them just HOW an independent film is made!!!  Be sure to listen in.  I am personally as curious as I can be about this, and **I’M** gonna learn a LOT!!!

12/4/2006 -- MIKE ROCQUE, the Program Manager of GO PASS, a totally paperless solution for mortgage loan originators, and KENN PALM, principal of INCREASE-YOUR-SCORE.COM, the most advanced credit consulting services in the US.

MIKE ROCQUE is a mortgage loan broker and the owner of THE HOME MORTGAGE PROS, based in Grand Rapids, MI [http://www.thehomemortgagepros.com].  Mortgage origination is a fascinating field in itself, but he is also the Program Manager of GO PASS, a cradle-to-grave computerized mortgage processing system that’s about to launch nationwide, that makes the INTERNAL work of mortgage brokerages a piece of cake.  So all you listeners who are involved in the loan brokerage business, TURN UP THE VOLUME.  Your days of schlepping paperwork around the office may be coming to a happy close, freeing you to do more with less, and spend more quality time with your clients!

My second guest is KENN PALM.  Kenn and I go back to about 1993, when we worked together in software development.  Kenn’s latest project is IncreaseYourScore.com, a credit counseling service that assists people in raising credit scores that have been lowered due to unforeseen circumstances. [http://www.increaseyourscore.com]  Kenn has a WEALTH of information on credit scoring most people don’t know, including most other credit counselors, and he’s going to share as much of that knowledge with us today as he can.  His expertise is complimentary to the wisdom we heard from Anthony Gaalaas on November 13, and makes a compelling story.

11/27/2006 -- Terrell Hill, National Sales Manager for Discovery Medical Devices, makers of TOUCHLESS MEDICAL DISPENSERS, and GORDON GOULD, CEO and CO_FOUNDER of THISNEXT.COM, the world's first SOCIAL SHOPPING website. 

TERRELL HILL is the National Sales Manager for the rapidly growing firm, Discovery Medical Devices, Inc., makers of a line of touchless dispensers for hand sterilization used in medicine, industry, and homes. www.DiscoveryMedical.com

GORDON GOULD is the CEO and Co-Founder of www.ThisNext.com.  This site allows viewers to create lists of their favorite items, in effect allowing them to become "style leaders".  Other people who find someone who agrees with some of their key choices can then see what their peers think of many products.  It's called "SOCIAL SHOPPING", and it has very interesting ramifications.

11/20/2006 -- Bob Evans, CEO and Founder of ForceFin, the most innovative swimming and diving fins in the world, and Bob Hammond, Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer of Superconductor Technologies, Inc. 

BOB EVANS is a long time friend of mine and the founder and CEO of FORCE FIN, the local Santa Barbara company that’s been making the world’s most cutting edge SCUBA, diving, and swimming fins for more than 20 years.  His website is www.ForceFin.com.  He's got lots of videos showing the truly inspired engineering on these remarkable fins.



BOB HAMMOND, the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Superconductor Technologies, Inc. [http://www.suptech.com/] has been with that company since 1987, after a stint at Los Alamos National Laboratories and a Ph.D. from Cal Tech in Applied Physics.  I am hoping he tells us why SUPERCONDUCTIVITY is so HOT!


11/13/2006 -- Matt Smith, has an exciting company, LEADER BY CHOICE, INC., that does innovative work in Internet marketing and Anthony Gaalaas, who is a Credit Resotoration Specialist.  He's been practicing in this field for 20 years, and specializes in the Real Estate aspects of it. 

Matt is one of the truly MOST innovative Internet marketing gurus I know.  A veteran of Internet marketing since 1999, he stumbled across INTERNET DOMAIN INVESTMENTS about 2 years ago, and has become a specialist in them.  He tells us about RIGHT-NOW opportunities in this fascinating area.  His website is www.domainersedge.com.

Anthony is a very knowledgeable, innovative guy, who helps people restore credit ratings after losing them because of illness, accident, personal tragedy, mistake, identity theft, or any of a thousand things.  He's been in that business for five years.  HIS website is www.trinityconsulting.us.



11/6/2006 -- Dr. Elwood Schapansky, Ph.D, former physics professor at Santa Barbara City College and 30-year veteran Alaskan bush pilot will appear with our gracious sponsor, Dr. Walter Dukes, DDS, the high-tech Santa Barbara dentist who'll give you the Smile of Your Life.

I've know Elwood since we BOTH had hair, and his Ph.D. thesis used Mössbauer Effect iron-57 nuclides to do investigation into ferrite compounds -- the same stuff I did after I graduated from college -- what a bond!  Starting in 1976, Elwood became an ALASKAN BUSH PILOT after a 2:00 AM call from his future employer from Hobo's Bar in Galena, Alaska.  Elwood will share with us, among other things, the utterly fantastic CAPSTONE navigation system launched by the FAA in Alaska to make aerial navigation a lot like a video game!

Walther Dukes is my dentist, my kids' dentist, and our gracious sponsor.  We are proud to announce that he got 100% on his Private Pilot written exam, too.  [Not surprisingly, he got his license thru MY old flying school, Norris Airways, in the late 1970s! :-) ]  Walter is the MASTER of high tech dentistry, and can build you a crown in his office in 10 minutes, instead of 3 weeks, work on you painlessly, and give you the Smile of Your Life.  You NEVER KNOW dentistry could be so fascinating till you hear Walter tell about it.

10/30/2006 -- Jim Stevenson, a former scientist who became an insurance agent and was listed in the Who's Who for CEO's in 2005 and Steven Wells, Managing Partner of Bluestone Venture Services, an innovative company that channels sales for their engineering and software products.

Jim was trained as a scientist, has an MBA and was listed in the Who's Who of CEO's in 2005. His varied background has given him the platform to become a very successful insurance agent. He was able to talk to us about the mathematics of insurance.   

Steven is a Managing Partner of Bluestone Venture Services.  His company channels sales, recruits and manages resellers and can help early stage companies drive early stage revenue.  Check out the company at: http://www.bluestonevs.com/index.htm

10/23/2006 -- Chris Farley, an expert in solar energy and owner of The Solar Energy Company Inc. and Scott Farrell, the CEO and co-founder of Kevo.com, an innovative website all about FAME.

Chris is an expert on solar energy, installation and sales for the homeowner as well as for commercial applications.  His company, The Solar Energy Company Inc. is one of the oldest and largest solar contractors in California.  Services include sales and installation in all aspects of solar technology for pools, spas, domestic hot water heating and solar electric systems.  You can check out his company at http://thesolarenergycompany.com.   

Scott is the CEO and co-founder of an exciting new website, http://www.Kevo.com.  Kevo is all about FAME!  It's a Web 2.0 site where users create content on people they consider famous.  Kevo's proprietary algorithm weighs the short-term fame of the people and displays all the information.

10/16/2006 -- Dan Poynter, a parachute pioneer and the world's dean of self-publishing
                         will appear with Paul Spark aformer US Navy S.E.A.L. and salvage diver .

Dan, is a parachute pioneer and the world's dean of self-publishing.  Dan's produced a PBS Special on high altitude parachuting, wrote the book on parachute rigging, skydived over the North Pole, and taught a generation of people how to publish their own books.



Paul is a former US Navy S.E.A.L., and a graduate of the SBCC Marine Techh Program. He put the flotation collar on Apollo 16 after splashdown in the Atlantic, and was on the salvage team that raised the Russian submarine Kursk, that tragically sank in 350 feet of water, taking the lives of 118 Russian Sailors.



10/9/2006 -- Chuck Graffy, Test Pilot, Aircraft Businssman, well known raconteur,
                         and father of five amazing overachievers will appear with Bill Urschel,
                         CEO of AD-ECN, the world's first real-time auction-based exchange for
                         online advertising.  

Chuck is one of my oldest [hee hee] and dearest friends, and the curmudgeon I aspire to be.  Back when I was crazy enough to own a flying school and Cessna dealership, I used to give him free sodas to stick around the office and tell everyone stories.  As you may know, hair raising stories are nothing new around pilots, but CHUCK'S WERE ALL TRUE!!!

Bill's Carpinteria firm carries on virtual, online auctions for advertising space on the web worldwide.  Structured along the lines of the New York Stock Exchange, AD-ECN[ www.ADECN.com  supports real-time brokering of advertising space on websites in the US, Europe, the UK, and China.  With 1,000 impressions sold every SECOND, Bill's firm probably supplies some ads you are viewing RIGHT NOW!

10/2/2006 -- Jay Ferro, inventor of the patented process for putting nutritional
                         labels on restaurant cash register receipts and Dr. Gay Larned,
                         owner of the Reading Resource Center

Jay Ferro is the owner of Silvergreen’s [http://silvergreens.com/], a successful local restaurant in Isla Vista near the UCSB campus.  He’s also the inventor of a PATENTED process for putting NUTRITIONAL INGREDIENT LABELING onto RESTAURANT RECEIPTS.  [http://www.nutricatecorp.com/index.asp].  It’s a great idea, and he’s the pioneer.

Dr. Gay Larned of the Reading Resource Center teaches children to read who have learning disabilities, using novel neurofeedback techniques and other programs [http://www.readingresource.net/].



                         [AS-IS] SHOW IN SAN DIEGO!!! Interviews with Brian Andrew,
                         Tom Lang, and others!!

The AS-IS show this year hosted NINE HUNDRED firms whose sole purpose is to protect the rest of us from terrorism, street crime, white collar crime, identity theft, fraud, and vandalism.  I interview inventors, guys who've been there and done that, and bought the T-Shirt, and those who make it happen. http://www.asisonline.org/education/programs/noframe/2006seminar/exhibits.html

9/18/2006 -- Dr. Brad Paden of LaunchPoint Technologies and Dr. Mike Weissman, President and Technical Director of Micro Vision Systems, Inc.

Brad is the CEO of LaunchPoint Technologies, Inc. -- www.launchpnt.com -- and a genuine pioneer.  LaunchPoint makes magnetically levitated valves and motors for heart implants.  Remarkably, they also make a space vehicle launch system that does NOT use a rocket motor, and they make a large high speed rotor for energy storage.


Mike's company makes "True 3D" vision systems for surgical and industrial microscopes.  I've looked at them, and they are TRULY amazing! www.MicroVisionSystems.com


9/11/2006 -- Greg Pepus of In-Q-Tel and Jim Lucas of Colusa Biomass, Inc.

Greg describes his most unusual employer -- a successful venture capital firm
funded by the Central Intelligence Agency!  www.In-Q-Tel.com

Jim tells us about his patent for producing biofuels from agricultural waste and the current state of green fuels in the US!  www.ColusaBiomass.com.

Jim is a chemist by training, and has pioneered biomass and solar energy for several decades.  A resident of Carpinteria, CA, he has been affiliated with numerous local biomass energy and coproduct firms.



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